IT / La Tempesta Dischi / Wonderwheel Recordings

Populous, Andrea Mangia's moniker, is a musician and producer from Apulia. His fresh and exotic sound draws inspiration from word music to let his passion for hip-hop and a tribute to his origins interact.

After three successful record released for the Berlin label Morr Music, in 2014 “Night Safari” (Bad Panda Records) consecrated him as one of the most appreciated and followed artists of the entire Italian Peninsula. Populous’s success is confirmed by his latest work “Azulejos“, released in June 2017 for La Tempesta┬áDischi and Wonderwheel Recordings.

In Azulejos, which was entirely recorded in Lisbon, Populous interprets the sounds of Portuguese capital to create an energetic synthesis between European electronics and the rhythms of South American cumbia, featuring Nina Miranda of Smoke City (Cru) and Colombian producer Ela Minus (Azul Oro).