IED Barcelona / Locorotondo Skyline Videomapping


IED Barcelona Design University presents the video mapping show 'Il viaggio di Audisia' at VIVA! Festival.

A team composed of alumni and students from the Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design – Motion Graphics and Fashion Design have created an experimental video mapping show that will be projected during VIVA’s closing day on the old city center walls. A creative and innovative proposal that will bring lights and colors to Locorotondo from a contemporary and visual perspective.

IED students and alumni:
Kateryna Lazareva
Tom Swissa
Alejandra Segón
Alexey Kurbatov
Jili Jennerjahn
David Fiene
Cameron Harnish
Nikita Mishin
Julia Sobrón
Adriana Argemí
Nina Sibiratkina
Luiza Lacava
Danae Fischer

Coordination: Alessandro Manetti

With the support of Pablo Rausell, Lucas Elliot, Alex Beltran and Susana Hernandez, IED teachers.

With the collaboration of Audi.