The coming together of Audi - a brand that's always keeping an eye on events about innovation, technology and challenges - and Club To Club - the main Italian festival in avant-garde music and new pop and among the most appreciated in Europe-, gives birth to an event that will transform the map of Italian summer festivals: VIVA! - Valle d’Itria International Music Festival.

From Wednesaday 04th until Sunday 08th July, VIVA! will liven up some of the most evocative places in Valle d’Itria. The innovative formula of VIVA! consists in 5 nonstop days dedicated to music: starting from the morning, the historic centre of Locorotondo, with its intimate squares lined with immaculate white stone houses, will host a series of talks involving some of the main artists performing at the festival, as well as industry professionals and journalists.

The highlight of the night programme will be live shows by some of the most influential artists worldwide, in the unique setting of Arena Valle d’Itria – a location prepared for the occasion between Locorotondo and Martinafran: every night the Arena stage will host performances by artists chosen among stars and “next big things” in the international music scene.

These extremely talented artists lend themselves perfectly to represent the many facets of contemporary and its irreducibility to any classification: that’s why VIVA! is an ideal continuation of the relationship linking Turné and Club To Club with Audi, Official Partner of the event. It’s a relationship dedicated to avant-garde and creative contamination, which represents the perfect synthesis of the brand’s vision.

Made with Turné, an event organisation company with strong Apulian roots, with the precious contribution of the City of Locorotondo, Regione Puglia, Puglia Promozione and Puglia Sounds.