Masseria Papaperta

Masseria Papaperta is an 18th-century historic manor farm situated in a hilly area between the trulli of Alberobello and Castellana Grotte, in Murgia. Built with the traditional dry stone technique, it boasts some intact vintage environments.

Masseria Papaperta, surrounded by greenery, preserves intact all the artifacts that peasants created through a laborious reclamation work, by cutting the oaks and breaking the stones.
In particular, visitors will be able to admire the parieti, dry walls used to delimit the boundaries and contain sloping terrain, the aie, fields of cereal production, the iazzi, open air shelters for animals, the foggie, the cisterns for the collection of rainwater, the lamioni, barrel vault constructions for the storage of straw, and the rural buildings that used to house the massaro (the farmer). They are artifacts that, using the great amount of stones present, have transformed the agrarian landscape giving it unique architectural features.

Masseria Papaperta is an integral part of a vast farm where it is possible to observe large specimens of Quercus Troiana W. and other plants typical of Mediterranean scrub.