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From 2nd to 6th November 2016, #IAMC2C will gather in Turin some of the artists that with their forward-thinking approach are contributing to innovating music the most today.

Born 26 years ago in Venezuela but currently based in London, Arca is one of the most interesting enigmas in recent electronic music. After creating brand new sonic dimensions for artists of the likes of Björk, FKA twigs and Kanye West, his two albums (‘Xen’ and ‘Mutant’, soon to be followed by the new ‘Reverie’) are just further confirmations of an extraordinary talent, always combined with an experimental attitude. Together with him, for the first time in Italy and exclusively for Club To Club, the visuals show of Jesse Kanda, video artist and director whose talent in digital manipulation are as unique as his partner’s.

After his amazing set in 2015, Mancunian artist Andy Stott returns on the heels of another dazzling and charming album such as ‘Too Many Voices’. Hailing from Wales, Koreless in another musician in constant evolution: his refined and emotive sound was used in collaborations with art based projects and soundtracks.

Capable of perfectly integrating r&b, pop, house, bass music, garage and trap, 20-year-old Mura Masa is among the names destined to hit the big time not only on the British scene but internationally, thanks a highly anticipated album coming in the autumn. Sonic witness of Chicago’s current sound is RP Boo, juke / footwork pioneer.
Hip hop is instead the starting point for both the dreamlike experiments of English musician Forest Swords and the psychedelic and emotional work of US producer Clams Casino, who’s now releasing his debut album ’32 Levels’.

Gaika is among the most exciting new British talents to combine grime, dancehall and gothic aesthetics. The extraordinary talent, experimental attitude and personality of Lorenzo Senni have made him one of the most appreciated Italian musicians abroad. Senni is also part of One Circle, a trio also featuring Vaghe Stelle and A:RA, back to the scene with new material after two EPs on left_blank and Gang Of Ducks.

The sound of Berlin duo Amnesia Scanner, recently signed by the Young Turks label, is as brutal as it is futuristic. Berlin is home also for the Janus collective, which will present a showcase featuring the irreverent M.E.S.H., the emerging Kablam and the unpredictable Total Freedom. And then Toxe, the formidable 18-year-old dj/producer from Gothenburg who’s spearheading the Staycore crew.

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