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Club To Club, the most important avant-garde and new pop Italian festival, celebrates its sixteenth edition with many debuts and exclusive shows performed by renowned artists and rising stars, which goes beyond every musical genre and country.

After the success of Thom Yorke’s performance last year, Radiohead’s guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Johnny Greenwood will present, with Shye Ben Tzur and the nine members of Rajasthan Express, Junun, a spiritual project which mixes Western and Eastern traditions, connecting the Israeli, Kurdo, Hindi and Jewish chant of Ben Tzur with Greenwood’s electronic textures and guitars. The album has been recorded in the Mehrangarh fort; the musicians were followed by Paul Thomas Anderson who directed a 54 minutes documentary on the recording sessions.

DJ Shadow will also debut new material from his latest record “The Mountain Will Fall” and, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, he will revisit some parts of “Endtroducing…..”, one of the most influential albums of the past 30 years. Moreover, Jon Hopkins will celebrate the 15th anniversary of his first album “Opalescent” , with one of his renowned dj set.

If Jon Hopkins can boast collaborations with the likes of Brian Eno and Coldplay, the young Venezuelan Arca is not less influential, being one of the most required producers in the whole music scene. Even if he is only 26, he has collaborated with Bjork, Kanye West and FKA Twigs and published two records “Xen” and “Mutant”. With his third album “Reverie” coming soon, Arca is considered as one of the most fascinating musical enigmas of these last years. He will be accompanied by visual artist Jesse Kanda, who will present his experimental manipulation of digital images.
Sound experimentation has always been the focal point in Tim Hecker’s music, having published his masterpiece “Love Streams” on 4AD this yeas. Just like him, the Mancunian duo Autechre is one of the most innovative name in Warp Records’ history.

Daphni -a side project of Dan Snaith aka Caribou- and Motor City Drum Ensemble, the German dj who’s a pioneer of retro-futuristic house music, are known for seeking instant gratification from the dance floor. Laurent Garnier will celebrate his return with a selection drawing from his huge, eclectic vinyl collection.

With their extreme and controversial live, Micheal Gira’s Swans will present in Italy “The Glowing Man”, their last album with the current personification.

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