News and releases: from Nick Murphy to Lorenzo Senni

For its 16th edition, Club To Club picked the most innovative names in music panorama. In the last few weeks, some artists of the line-up has announced some interesting news and released their latest works.

On 11th October 2016, Lorenzo Senni signed with the prestigious British label Warp. The label founded in 1989 in Sheffield, in England, and launched some of the most influent artists. Among them, there are Autechre, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Flying Lotus and Oneohtrix Point Never. Lorenzo will perform on Warp To Warp Stage at Astoria on Sunday 6th November in Club To Club’s closing block party Dance Salvario.

Gaika, who will perform on Friday 4th November on Red Bull Music Academy Stage at Lingotto, has recently signed with Warp and released his first EP on this label “Spaghetto”, composed by eight tracks and universally acclaimed.

Powell has released his first EP on XL Records, which praise some of the most important artists such as Radiohead and Adele. Sport is the completion of a long marketing strategy, began with the controversial single Insomniac. Powell will play Friday 4th November in the Main Stage at Lingotto.

The same night and in the same stage will play the last addition to the line up Nick Murphy. The Australian artist has definitively his moniker Chet Faker and released the single “Fear Less”, marking a new turn on his career.