Grand Opening w/ Unsound

After the incredible success of Moderat’s performance and The Italian New Wave First Annual Summit, in 2016 Club To Club will be back to the Royal Palace of Venaria for #IAMC2C, the 16th edition of the Festival.

The majestic house of the royal family of Savoia, UNESCO’S Humanity Heritage site built in the second half of XVI century, will host an exclusive opening event presented by presenting partner Audi and co-curated by Unsound, one of the most esteemed and respected festivals in Europe.
The leading acts of this amazing night will be Chino Amobi, founder of Non Records, a collective involved with the Black Lives Matter movement, Elysia Crampton, transexual artist and activist, as well as Olivia.

The eclectic collective Gang of Ducks and the local crew TDC Palazzi will also perform during the night.

The attendees will be allowed to visit the temporary exhibition Handle with Care, a project by Masbedo in the calendar of Artissima. The exhibition will close at 11 pm.

Audi’s participation in the event is the natural completion of the road taken last April at Audi City Lab of Torre Velasca, the think-tank during which designers, sociologists and artists discussed their vision of contemporary society. Among the different facets that compose the vision of the future which Audi is researching with contemporary innovators, the music world, with its propulsive energy and the continous tension between the present and new future languages, couldn’t be left out. A perfect synthesis of this forefront of the Brand’s vision is Audi Q2, the new cross over / coupé from the four rings, uncategorizable and #untaggable, which will be on exhibit in selected locations during the Festival.

Passport is the only ticket that grants you access to this unique event; it includes all invite-only and paid festival events. Buy yours here.


Get to the Palace of Venaria with the exclusive Club To Club shuttle

Club To Club grants shuttles to get to the Palace of Venaria on 2nd November for the Festival Grand Opening.

The shuttles will cost 4,99€ RT and will be on the following hours:
21:00 from Piazza XVIII Dicembre to Palace of Venaria
02:00 from Palace of Venaria to Piazza XVIII Dicembre

Reserve your seat here.