From the roots to the present

From 2nd to 6th November, Club To Club, the most important Italian festival for new-pop and avant-garde, is back to Turin. Its 16th edition, #IAMC2C, is a voyage through different sounds, from synth-pop to EBM. The exclusive line-up explores the most innovative shades of the music scene.

Fresh from releasing their ‘Big Black Coat’ album, showing their simple and natural ability to combine elements of electro, soul and pop, Junior Boys will arrive to Club To Club. From the very same Hamilton (Ontario, Canada) also comes Jessy Lanza, whose recent ‘Oh No’ references Yellow Magic Orchestra and spreads an infectious energy.

The style of Fatima Yamaha could be defined as “old school”, a fascinating cult project conceived by Amsterdam dj/producer Bas Bron. Powell‘s unconventional sound is surely inspired by the angularities of post-punk and the most visionary 80s and 90s electronic music, while italo-disco is the main source of inspiration for Jolly Mare, who recently released his debut album ‘Mechanics’.
Arto Lindsay, legendary exponent of NYC’s no wave, will present a new exclusive show together with Norwegian drummer Paal Nilssen-Love in a noisey clash between New York and Oslo.