Absolut Symposium: festival HQ

#IAMC2C renews the collaboration with main partner Absolut, the iconic Swedish vodka brand whose eclectic spirit continues to animate the programme at festival HQ Absolut Symposium.

AC Hotel Torino, located in via Bisalta 11 (close to Lingotto), has been confirmed as Festival Headquarters for Absolut Symposium, the Absolut project that since 2013 offers a contemporary upgrade to the traditional symposium as a place to meet professionals and share experiences. From 3rd to 5th November, AC Hotel will host talks with key entities in the contemporary European cultural scene as well as listening sessions, screenings, workshops and musical performances. Among these are A special project on the Dutch electronic and contemporary music scene, a public talk that features Amsterdam’s Nachtburgemeester (Night Mayor) Mirik Milan – the first ever in Europe and already a model to follow for many other cities including main Italian centres – with a focus on Dutch best practices regarding interactions between music festivals and institutions; journalist, writer and Electronic Beats collaborator Max Dax will interview the ever-evolving Arto Lindsay; the screening of Negus, first feature-film from Italian duo Invernomuto with Lee “Scratch” Perry, Jamaican music icon and among the most influent pop personas of the last decades.