A Great Symphony is back

A Great Symphony For Turin is a project by Xplosiva for the British Council, British institution for cultural relationships, with the support of Città di Torino, on the occasion of #IAMC2C (16th edition of Club To Club) and Luci d'Artista, in the programme of ContemporaryArt Torino Piemonte, in partnership with IED.

A Great Symphony is a contemporary electronic opera which uses music to reflect a city’s rhythm and mood.

Tourists and visitors, art and music lovers, as well as the citizens of Turin can listen to the symphony during Club To Club and Luci d’Artista, by taking photos with a smartphone of the QR Code in the selected areas, or visiting the official website, with the exclusive 360° pictures which improve the augmented reality feeling.

Fifteen tracks by young and talented musicians from worldwide create an exclusive soundtrack for the most evocative landmarks in Turin; the tracks are produced under the artistic direction of Steve Goodman, a.k.a. Kode9, which created a manifesto to guide the artists in their creative journey for the composition of A Great Symphony tracks.

Four new tracks has been added to the Turinese project, which recently landed in Milan with an international collaboration between Roly Porter and Shapednoise reworking sounds from the Porta Garibaldi station.