Fever Ray (live) in Milan

One of the most awaited artist solo projects returns with 'Plunge', the name of the new album that announce an exclusive Italian concert. Fever Ray 20th February 2018, Milan @ Fabrique.

Tuesday 20th February – Fabrique Milano: Fever Ray comes back in Italy.
Better known as Fever Ray, Karin Dreijer is a singer and songwriter of the electronic Swedish duo The Knife.
After releasing his worldwide appreciated first solo album in 2009, Karin didn’t published any music under the Fever Ray pseudonym so far. Out on 27th October, ‘Plunge’ got on top of the most important musical web sites charts of the world.
Pitchfork inserted it on the ‘Best New Music’ category, appraising in particular ‘IDK About You’ track.
Dark atmospheres, evocative imaginary, electric notes and thinned lyrics. Don’t miss one of the most fascinating shows of the next months. Fever Ray will be live on 20th February at Fabrique.

Ticket price: € 30,00 + b.f.

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