Enter the A Great Symphony competition

Club To Club Festival and the British Council launch the 4th edition of the A Great Symphony Competition, providing a unique opportunity to perform at #C2C17 and to take part in the next edition of the project.

Devised in 2013 by Club To Club Festival for the British Council – the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities – A Great Symphony For Torino is an exclusive soundtrack of the city in augmented reality, whose artistic direction was undertaken by one of the most innovative artists on the British music scene: Kode9, musician and founder of the prestigious Hyperdub label. Under his guidance, young talented Italian and international musicians have created a soundtrack to Torino’s main locations by elaborating the sounds and environmental effects recorded there, capturing their atmosphere and essence.
A Great Symphony is a contemporary electronic artwork able to interpret the rhythm of the city and to capture its mood, creating a continuous dialogue with Luci d’Artista’s light installations and giving life to an original experiment in augmented reality through music and technology. To listen, simply visit the official web site agreatsymphony.net, updated with interactive 360° photos of the locations, or the project’s official Soundcloud page.

Joining the competition is very simple: download here the stems and samples that make up the A Great Symphony tracks and then create your own remix. Send an email to info[at]clubtoclub.it with subject “A Great Symphony For Turin remix”, your name (or moniker) and a link to download your track, which will then be uploaded on the project’s Soundcloud page.

The composer of the best remix, as selected by Club To Club Festival’s team and the British Council, will be awarded the unique opportunity to perform at #C2C17 and to take part in the next edition of the project, which boasts the participation of artists of the calibre of Kode9, DVA, Vaghe Stelle and OOBE.

The deadline is the 12th March 2017.

More info on the project at: http://agreatsymphony.net