Leon Vynehall

Unusual and unheard sound paths

After ‘Music For The Uninvited’, the second album by Leon Vynehall is titled ‘Nothing Is Still’. It’s further proof of the Portsmouth artist’s eclectic nature: defiantly atmospheric and textural, it finds him harnessing his passion for early contemporary minimalist composers.

With a surprising debut album released in 2016 and through its follow-up ‘Colon Man’, Jamaican duo Equiknoxx has reinvented dancehall thanks to a mixture of danceable grooves and a minimal creative approach to production.

The sound attitude of Josiah White aka Serpentwithfeet is similarly unusual: his songs bridge R&B, gospel, classical, and electronic music, and his debut album ‘Soil’ is bound to surprise many listeners.

German musician David August composes and performs multifaceted electronic music with hopeful tones and a human aesthetic, as on his new album ‘D’Angelo’, recorded in Italy and inspired by the life and work of the baroque painter Caravaggio, and fusing a laidback pop sensibility with moody cinematographic soundscapes.

Nigerian-born/London-dwelling Obongjayar is an experimental new artist who blends free-form spoken word with hip-hop prose and soulful singing, proving he has soaked up the multitude of influences and cultures in his city to form his own poetic voice.

Four years after the ‘Punish, Honey’ album, Vessel (the moniker of electronic composer Sebastian Gainsborough) is back. With releases for labels such as Tri Angle and Blackest Ever Black, the versatile Bristolian musician has shown to be equally as ease with synthetic and acoustic sounds.