Richie Hawtin – Close

CA / M-nus - Plus 8 / Italian debut exclusive

Hailing from Canada, Richie Hawtin is a master of the second Detroit techno wave, known for his continuous innovation and for his distinctive sound.

His career saw him performing all over the world, funding two labels (Plus 8 and M-nus), co-founding the Beatport platform and collaborating on the design of innovative music gear.

His new show “CLOSE Spontaneity and Synchronicity”, which debuted in 2017, is an immersive audiovisual experience. The artist is surrounded by an array of modular synthesizers and analog gear, followed by live feed cameras that record his movements to reinterpret them as abstract forms, bringing the audience closer to Hawtin’s intuitive improvisation. CLOSE blurs the boundary between man and machine, challenging the distinction between dj-set and live performance and tearing down the barriers between DJ and audience.