Ninos du Brasil

IT / Hospital Productions

Ninos Du Brasil is by now a recurring name in some of the most important international festivals after its albums ‘Muito N.D.B.’ (2012) and ‘Novos Misterios’ (2014).

The duo consisting of Nico Vascellari e Nicolò Fortuni translates its fresh mix of techno, batucada and samba into carnevalesque and cathartic shows, and will introduce here its new album ‘Vida Eterna’. Produced by Rocco Rampino (Congorock), ‘Vida Eterna’ is electro-batucada, percussive cumbia and tribal electronics, and features Arto Lindsay -a true hero of New York No Wave, lover of sound experimentation and Brazilian music- as a guest on the track named ‘Vagalumes Piralampos’.