Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine present: Guarapo!

IT / Live

The collaboration between Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine took shape during a trip to Barranquilla, Northern Colombia, in 2015. They were shooting a documentary film directed by Invernomuto about Pico (local soundsystem) tradition in Northern Colombia.

Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine’s set revolves around a recent music genre that is shaking the southern side of Barranquilla in the latest decade: Guarapo.

Guarapo is the natural answer of young generations of Afrocolombian producers growing up in Barranquilla listening to Musica Africana from the 70s: each Guarapo song starts with a sample from a soukous, rumba or related genres and suddenly becomes an obsessive, repetitive beat, built by looping small sections of vocal or guitar and overlaying thumping percussive beats to make a brief and thrilling breakbeat-style track. Each cut is short, little more than a stark and hypnotic drop for the right moment, to be liberally sprayed with a hail of placas (drops).

In Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine’s set is contextualized within the musical panorama of contemporary Colombia: Champeta, Reggaeton and Guarapo exclusivos – with a particular accent on voice modulation techniques used in intros and placas.