Gabber Eleganza

IT / Presto!?

Gabber Eleganza started as a curated web archive in the 2011, a constant research of material mainly focused on the aesthetic side of the post-rave and gabber culture.

The purpose of the project is to reevaluate a subculture that is often denigrated, helping create a cultural interest in it.

In the last few years Gabber Eleganza has gained a remarkable success, especially among those who are not part of the hard-core scene, stimulating in 2016 the challenge of taking the project outside the web – with Dj sets, fanzines and art exhibitions – and culminating in a live performance called The Hakke Show – an old-skool hardcore DJ set with gabber dancers performing onstage, fast cutting air moves (hakke) with a primitive intensity.

Gabber Eleganza’s first EP will be released on Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!?.