Bill Kouligas

GR/DE / PAN / live

Dj, designer and musician, Berlin-based Bill Kouligas is the founder of PAN, label that in almost 10 years of activitiy has helped emerge artists like Lee Gamble, M.E.S.H. and Yves Tumor, sharing their futuristic vision.

After growing up under the influence of Athen’s post-punk, hardcore and new-wave music scene, he moved to Berlin and funded PAN in 2008 to document his friend’s experimental electronic music.

Kouligas has won acclaim from critics and audience thanks to his persistence and committment to his own vision, centered on the interaction between languages of graphic design, video and electronic music, placing PAN at the forefront of EDM vanguard. The very same vision shapes his music, born out of the contamination between analogic and digital, in which jungle and noise elements add up to an ambient base.