Artetetra is a tape label born in 2014 in Potenza Picena, a small italian town where Farfisa organs were manufactured in the 60’s.

After some home-dubbed releases of projects related to Luigi and Matteo (founders of the label) and their friends, the label has started to release cassettes of acts like Kink Gong, Holypalms and Ak’chamel, always keeping a particular interest on exotic, weird and psychedelic sounds, redefined as Quinto Mondo music. The spring releases “Exotic ésotérique vol.2” and “Jungle Judgin” got the attention of the music journalist Simon Reynolds who wrote about it on the 400th issue of The Wire magazine.

The cult Italian label is now based in Bologna and has started to perform a A/V live show concerning cassette tape selection/ manipulation and video projection.