Visit Turin

Turin is one of the most important cities in Northern Italy and Piedmont’s regional capital, historically known for being Italy’s first capital.

Focal point of Italian manufacturing during the XX Century, nowadays Torino has radically changed its identity, becoming one of the most interesting European cultural poles, through a renewal of the museum system and projects that are unique to the Italian context.

Moreover, Turin can boast one of the most renowned culinary traditions in the whole world, being known for Gianduja and the ancient chocolatier craft, in a territory where some of the most appreciated wines in the world are produced.

Club To Club is the perfect occasion to discover every side of the city, from the royal side, heritage of Savoia royal dynasty, to the industrial one, with her impressive buildings, to the contemporary and creative side.

Club To Club takes place during the Contemporary Art Week, which allows you to experience Turin at its liveliest. It’s the most important event organized by Contemporary Art, pole of contemporary art for Piedmond and Turin.

Artissima is the most important and enduring art exposition in Italy and it turned into one of key events for every art-lover in Europe. The parallel event Paratissima is the focal point for art innovation, where emerging artists can expose their works. During this period of the year, Turin’s landmarks are decorated by the stunning lights of Luci d’Artista, created by some the most important contemporary public artists.

If you own a Club To Club ticket you have right to a discount on the Torino+Piemonte Contemporary Card, which allows you to visit freely all contemporary art museums; the card also offers other discounts among institutions and exhibitions. Furthermore, you may reach all museums with public transportation for free or request a 10% discount on taxi 5737.
Available in the 48hrs version only, the card costs €20,90 instead of €25 and is valid for an adult and a child under 12 years of age.
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