What kind of objects are forbidden inside the festival?

Food, drinks, glass objects and umbrellas are forbidden.

Is it possible to buy tickets at the door?

Yes, it’s possible, unless they are sold out.

Can i get out of festival locations and then back in?

No, once you get out of festival venues you won’t be allowed to go back inside.

Until what time will alcoholic drinks be available?

In accordance with the Italian law, no alcohol is served after 3am. You can still use the tickets you purchased for alcoholic drinks to obtain soft drinks.

Where can I find the festival line-up?

You can find it here.

Can I take photos inside the festival?

You can take photos without using flash and respecting artists and audience around you. Taking videos inside the event is forbidden.

How can I reach the venues?

You can find everything you need to know here.

Where can I check out your terms and conditions?

You may check them out here.

How old do I have to be to access the festival?

Access is restricted to people over 16 years of age, valid ID may be required.

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