Thom Yorke


One of the latest artists joining this year’s lineup is Thom Yorke.

The Radiohead frontman will present a live show focused on his latest album ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ in an exclusive Italian date after his unannounced appearance at British festival Latitude and a gig at Tokyo’s Zepp Osaka Namba last August.

Beyond contributing to era-defining albums in the Radiohead discography such as ‘OK Computer’ and ‘Kid A’ -which in 2000 surprised many by embracing electronic and experimental sounds-, Yorke has met with unanimous acclaim from critics and audiences with his first solo work ‘The Eraser’, has collaborated with artists such as Björk, Flying Lotus and PJ Harvey, and has been part of the Atoms For Peace project along with musicians like producer Nigel Godrich and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

An activist on behalf of human rights and environmentalism, Yorke has often been critical of the music industry, and has pioneered alternative music release platforms such as pay-what-you-want (successfully tested with the 2007 Radiohead album ‘In Rainbows’) and the BitTorrent platform, through which ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ was released in its digital format.