UK / XL Recordings

With his own label Diagonal Records, established in 2011, and as XL Recordings' latest pop pioneer, Powell scissors through the current musical landscape cleverly shaping, cutting, replacing and repositioning.

What emerges is a distinct sound, a new panorama that’s fantastically out-of-sorts with the tired conventions and techno-by-numbers predictability of modern-day electronic music.
Powell discards and reinterprets youth concepts with a sound that is confrontational, vigorous, propulsive and above all psychedelic in its presentation. He combines the full-tilt innovation first realised in post-punk with the wide-eyed excitement of 90s rave electricity, but at the same time abandons it all. No one else sounds like Powell.

Powell’s live show at #C2C17 will work in synergy with visuals from the famous German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans, who directed his latest music video “Freezer”, taken by his anticipated debut album “Sport” released in 2016 via XL Recordings.