Carlsberg Dans Salvario

Carlsberg Dans Salvario is a big party that will take place on Sunday, 8th November 2015 in Turin’s San Salvario neighbourhood, from 11am to midnight.

It will be one of the main events in the 2015 edition of Club To Club festival, following the previous “block party” experience which in 2014 saw 10,000 people participating in the extensive programme of initiatives. This year it is expecting to reach an attendance of 20,000.

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Carlsberg, probably the best beer in the world, is the main supporter of this initiative: that’s why the focus for much of its contents will be on Denmark, with its pure design, philosophy and excellence that Carlsberg has embodied for 160-plus years. Dans, the Danish word for dance, defines the event, making us perceive a dancing neighborhood rich in suggestions that can involve the festival audience, neighbourhood residents, people from Turin as well as the many Italian and international tourists that will be visiting for Turin’s hottest week in the year – ContemporaryArt Torino-Piemonte.

Tiger, the accessory store chain that has spread his domain from Copenhagen to Japan, will be the official partner of the project, offering Danish exclusive contents during the event in the occasion of the opening of its new offices in Via Ormea 33. Tiger wants to offer his clients more fun to spend with the loved ones, more smiles, more kisses, more crazy, dances, more love letters, more laughs and maybe also some tears of happiness. Tiger doesn’t provide only products, but experiences.

Once again, the focus of all activities will be Piazza Madama Cristina, with a special edition of San Salvario Emporium, a well-know reality among the events dedicated to craftsmanship and handmade. Young fashion designers, artisans, illustrators, designers and independent editors will populate Madama Cristina market square in San Salvario with their stands and their new approach to creativity and production.
The square will also host the main stage of Carlsberg Dans Salvario, with major DJ sets, street food and an area dedicated to the initiative named Pimp My Bike, made together with the Bike Pride community, in collaboration with Tiger and Visit Denmark.
San Salvario will be animated by DJ sets and electronic live sets, folk dance and swing, tango and milonga, public speeches by architects and designers, readings of Danish fairy tales, brunch and appetizers curated by Danish chefs, workshops, film screenings, a Turin made of Lego, all of it involving the neighbourhood’s shops and cultural activities, which have been asked to be open to the public and to enhance our programme.
The Carlsberg Dans Salvario will take place in Piazza Madama Cristina, Via Berthollet and Via Baretti (that for the occasion will be closed to traffic), the indoor areas of Porta Nuova train station (granted by Grandi Stazioni) and its metro station, the new Tiger offices in Via Ormea 33, La Casa del Quartiere, Lombroso 16, the Natalia Ginzburg library, and the Trabzon bookstore. Also, Club To Club Festival’s partnership with Paratissima will also include the Torino Esposizioni arena.
Activities will be generally free for all, except for food services and some workshops.
Dans Salvario is a project by Associazione Situazione Xplosiva in collaboration with Associazione Emporium, in the program of #C2C15, and realized:
With the patronage and the support of: Regione Piemonte | Città di Torino
With the patronage of: Ambasciata di Danimarca | Circoscrizione 8
Main Partner: Carlsberg
Official Partner: Tiger
Project Partner: San Salvario Emporium
Media Partner: Noisey
Content Partner: Glocal Sounds | Visit Denmark | Selandia | Bike Pride | Casa Editrice Iperborea | Casa Editrice Scrittura Pura | Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini | Associazione Tram Storici
In collaboration with: Consolato Onorario di Danimarca | Grandi Stazioni | GTT | Paratissima 2015 | Associazione Commercianti di San Salvario | Associazione VIABARETTI | Libreria Trebisonda | Casa del Quartiere | Lombroso 16