A Great Symphony For Torino 2015

Saturday 31 October from 19,30 in Piazza San Carlo, on occasion of the opening of Luci d’artista, Club To Club launches the 3rd edition of A Great Symphony For Torino.

On Saturday evening (fro m 6pm in Piazza Palazzo di Città with Torinodanza/Teatro Stabile di Torino), the music of XIII, Bienoise and OOBE will be the soundtrack of the opening parade, that will stop in Piazza San Carlo (7.30 pm), Piazza Castello (8.15 pm) and Piazza Palazzo di Città (8.45 pm). At the end of the parade, 9 participants (to all stops) will be extracted as winners of 9 free tickets for Wednesday 4, Friday 6 and Saturday 7 of Club To Club festival’s 15th edition.
A Great Symphony For Torino is a new project created with British Council – the British institution for cultural relations, involving young Italian and international producers under the artistic direction of Kode9 – Hyperdub Records – in the soundtrack for Torino’s main spots in “augmented reality”. Its new edition will be introduced on Saturday 31st October, together with lights installation Luci d’Artista: from that day to January 2016, everyone will be able to listen to the symphony pieces by scanning the QR Codes placed in the various urban spaces, or by visiting its official website agreatsymphony.net.
There are four new musical spots in the project’s map (Piazza Madama Cristina, Campus Einaudi, Piazza Bodoni, Piazza San Carlo) which will feature works by Kode9, Dave Saved, Jiin (the South Korean winner of A Great Symphony’s 2014 remix competition) and IED Milano Sound Design with Painé Cuadrelli.
This is the complete list of designated places with their respective musicians:Piazza Madama Cristina: Kode9 (UK, Hyperdub) *
Piazza Bodoni: Dave Saved (Italia, Astro:Dynamics) # *
Campus Einaudi: JIIN (South Korea) *
Piazza San Carlo: IED Milano # *
Palazzo Nuovo: Scratcha DVA (UK, Hyperdub) #
Stazione di Porta Nuova: Akkord I On (Kazakistan/Bulgaria)
Politecnico di Torino, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo: XIII x Sabla
Piazza Carlo Alberto: IED Milano #
Galleria Re Umberto I: Bienoise #
Piazza Palazzo di Città: 2L8 #
Piazza Carignano: OOBE #
Polo contemporaneo Lingotto: Vaghe Stelle
Monte dei Cappuccini: Morkebla #
Stazione di Porta Susa: IED Milano
Piazza Castello: Kode9 (UK, Hyperdub) #* new symphony points
# with Luci d’Artista

A Great Symphony For Torino is a project:
By: Associazione Culturale Situazione Xplosiva and British Council
With the support of: Città di Torino and IED
In occasion of: Club To Club Luci d’Artista
In the programme of: ContemporaryArt Torino Piemonte
With the patronage of: Fondazione Torino Smart City