Tanz Salvario

Alfa MiTo Club To Club and San Salvario Emporium present Tanz Salvario, a special event that takes form at Lingotto on Saturday 8th Nobember after midnight with a line-up in the name of #BerlinWall25, totally composed by German artists (Apparat, Recondite e Marcel Dettmann).

On Sunday 9th November the event continues in memory of the 25 years passed from the Berlin Wall fall and the 60 years of activity in Italy by GoetheInstitut creating an ideal twinship between the multi-ethnic neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and San Salvario,

From 11am to 9pm San Salvario Emporium, open-air market dedicated to rising design and independent publishing, takes place in Piazza Madama Cristina, hosting exhibitors from all over Italy with products Berlin-oriented. Just here Mark Ernestus, founder of the legendary shop Hard Wax and the labels Basic Channel and Rhythm & Sound will play the HardWax Soundsystem from 4pm paired with the vocalist Tikiman. From 3pm Porta Nuova Metro Station hosts a dj set by PiemonteGroove YoungTalents in collaboration with Paratissima, and from 4pm Astoria Bar & Basement will be the place for the show of Morphosis, Lebanese Berlin-based artist, and the showcase by the label Gang Of Ducks. The two Tanz Salvario stages are co-presented by Soundwall, media partner of Tanz Salvario and one of the most online magazine about electronic music in Italy.

From 3.30pm Cinema Teatro Baretti plays special shows by Goethe-Institut and hosts a panel with the collaboration of Max Dax and Robert Defcon (Tim Nowacki), co-author of the book The Berlin Experiment. At 5pm Casa del Quartierewill host the workshop “Giovani, Divertimento & Territorio” with the collaboration of the local projects PIN/Neutraveland the german ones FixPunkt/BerlinClubCommision. At 4pm Lombroso will screen the documentary Die Mauer.

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