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Terms & Conditions

Club To Club Festival and VIVA! Festival terms & conditions:


1. The owner of a ticket, purchased online or offline, must bring an identity card at the venue, as it might be necessary for identifying the ticket holder. Being unable to show an I.D. will result in not accessing the event.
2. The sale of entry tickets, in addition to the law on mandate with representation in the Italian civil code, is disciplined by the Terms and Conditions published on the website
3. The entry ticket allows access exclusively for the event it has been issued for, at the stated day and time.
4. The access to the venue can be regulated by specific rules defined by the Organisers, for which the Organisers has also the right to carry out security coontrols, and in case of ticket anomalies, they can refuse access to the venue. Furthermore, some venues (e.g. Lingotto Fiere) do not allow re-entry after exiting the building.
5. The Organisers shall be entitled to change venue and/or date of the Event: we recommend to verify, before the Event at or by sending an e-mail message at, the Event’s starting time, the opening time for accessing the Event’s venue, as well as any other changes in the Event programme. We also recommend to reach the venue entrance at least one hour before the Event.
6. In case of cancellation of the Event or changes in the programme, any complaints should exclusively be addressed to the Organisers. In case of refund for cancellation of the Event, Club To Club/VIVA! Festival will not reimburse booking fees or any other commissions applied by the Organisers for running the service. Times and ways of refunding the amount are decided by the Organisers.
7. In case of date or location change or cancellation of one or more shows, you may ask for a refund within 5 days from the communication sending an e-mail to In case the user gives up his paid ticket, the Organisers do not provide a refund. Passes (tickets valid for more than one day of events) as well as tickets which have been purchased but not picked up cannot be refunded, as after the Event has ended their validity will be expired. Purchased tickets cannot be swapped with other tickets, not even by paying the price difference.
8. The entry ticket, by law and by the Organisers’ request, is personal and it cannot be exchanged, transferred for any reason whatsoever, with or without compensation, or transferred or delivered to third parties for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes without the Organisation’s permission.
9. The audience at the event may be subject of photographs as well as audio and video recordings.
10. Please check your entry ticket at the time of purchase in case there are any errors and omissions.
11. In order to avoid damaging the entry ticket, we recommend that you do not expose it to heat sources.
12. The Organisers are not responsible for any duplication or tampering of digital tickets. Electronic readers at the venue’s entrance will input the code (QR Code) related to the purchase only once, and will detect as invalid any subsequent accesses with the same code.
13. Only in exceptional cases the Organisers provide a printing service at the Event entrance for tickets purchased online on Mailticket platform. This service has a cost of 2 euros and it is done only by checking the buyer’s identity document.
14. Tickets purchased online and not picked up at venues or headquarters will be available for 15 days at the Festival offices.
15. The personal information provided by users while purchasing tickets may be used from Club To Club with the sole purpose of sending informative newsletters and will not be disclosed to third parts.
16. People in evident state of inebriation cannot enter venues. Their ticket will not be refunded.
17. If not specifically authorised by the Organisation, the use of audio/video-recording devices is prohibited.
18. There is a free ticket for the helper of a disabled person. All the requests must be sent to
19. Some Club To Club venues and stages have limited capacity.
20. People under 16 years of age are not allowed to enter at Club To Club Festival events. IDs can be checked at venue entrances. Tickets bought by people under 16 years of age will not be refunded.
21. For all VIVA! Festival events people under 14 years old must be accompanied. Admission is free for children under 6 years old.
22. In case of rain it won’t be allowed to introduce umbrellas inside the venues.
23. The Organisers accept no liability for any ticket purchased through non official retailers.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Italian law.
In case of conflict between this English version of the Terms and Conditions and the Italian version of the same as published by Club To Club, as well as in case of conflict between any other content of the Agreement in the English version in respect to the corresponding Italian version, the Italian version shall prevail.