Teengirl Fantasy

While students at Oberlin College, Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi connected over a shared love of classic house and techno that prompted them to make, “some kind of dance music that wasn’t just emulating what we were hearing."

Teengirl Fantasy’s music has always been performed and composed live, resulting in colourful, maximalist textures and tones that move along with a driving rhythm yet still retain a distinctly human and emotional core. After their critically praised 2010 debut LP ‘7AM’, on their sophomore album ‘Tracer’ Teengirl Fantasy create their most compositionally sophisticated work yet. It's completely sample-free and features vocalists including Panda Bear, Romanthony (of Daft Punk’s “One More Time” fame), and Laurel Halo. The album is sonically maximal and symphonic, with heavily layered songs containing multiple elements.