Nina Kravitz

The first credible star in the club music scene to come from Moscow (though she was born in Siberia), after excelling as ‘”resident dj” at Propaganda -one of the most important clubs in the Russian capital city- Nina Kravizchose Berlin as her base to spread her wings.

In her debut album –released in early 2012 on Rekids, after a series of EP’s- Nina sketches with remarkable personality a minimal house aestetics reduced to its essential elements, hypnotic and sometimes cynical or simply paranoid, definitely helped by her own vocal performance while delivering lyrics such as those in opening track ‘Walking In The Air’, or ‘Taxi Talk’ or main single ‘Ghetto Kraviz’. The fascination is complete when that bassline creeps into ‘False Attraction’ or in ‘Choices’ and ‘Turn On The Radio’ with their surreal soul, or again where a thick fog envelops everything in, as in the final album track ‘Fire’.