Wolfgang Tillmans

DE / A/V + Powell live

Award-winning German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans is well-known for his portraits of London's youth subcultures and for his diverse collaborations, ranging from Pet Shop Boys to Frank Ocean.

Tillmans moved to London in the 1980s, becoming famous as a photographer of the city’s fashion, excessive nightlife, queer community and icons. Music is a recurring element of his work, that featured musical incursions many times: he has directed music videos, curated music-themed exhibitions and produced his first EP “Make It Up As You Go Along” in 2016.

At # C2C17 he will perform with his unsettling visuals accompanying Powell’s live show. The duo has already collaborated on the latest single by the British musician: Tillmans directed the music video of “Freezer”‘, where Powell’s techno intersects in a rushing pace with Tillmans visuals, ranging from nature close-ups to photos of police and security forces. The video was presented in April 2017 at Tate Gallery in London at Tillmans’ solo exhibition.