Laurent Garnier

FR / F Communications

A former staffer at the French embassy in London, Laurent Garnier began DJing in Manchester during the late '80s.

His DJing at the legendary Ha├žienda Club provided a major inspiration for the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays to begin adding house rhythms to rock music.
Garnier shifted his attention back to France in the early ’90s, running the Wake Up Club in Paris for three years, gradually moving into recording, and creating the F Communications label. He became one of the best all-around DJs in the world, able to span classic deep house and Detroit techno, the harder side of acid/trance, and surprisingly jazzy tracks as well. Admired worldwide, always ambitious and in a permanent state of flux, Garnier has played a crucial role in the development and recognition of electronic music as the popular sound of our times. Laurent Garnier’s sets are always guaranteed to be an extraordinary experience.