Vito Berardi aka KEEDOMAN and Gianvito Panzini aka Mista P. are two DJs and MCs hailing from Bari, united by the passion for hip hop and black music.

KEEDOMAN has built a solid network of collaborations in the Apulian region: in addition to being part of the collective BARI HIP HOP METRO, he collaborates with MCs and local groups, he recorded an album with POOGLIA TRIBE and opened some dates for Caparezza’s tour. He has also collaborated with local radios and with the magazines XL and Groove Magazine.

Mista P., also a member of the collective BARI HIP HOP METRO, has established himself as a popular dj in the local context by participating to jams and events until reaching the finale of the djing Red Bull 3Style in 2016, in Milan. As a Demodè dj in Modugno he has come into contact with artists from the Italian and international hip hop scene and has opened concerts for Club Dogo, Co’Sang, Two Fingerz & Mecna.

Thanks to their great passion for music and the constant research of new sounds, their shows range from hip hop to r’n’b to funk, from classics to latest news, interpreted in a unique style.