Jacques Greene

CA / LuckyMe - Vase

The enigmatic young producer from Montreal Philippe Aubin-Dionne, known as Jacques Greene, has given the current musical landscape progressively deeper ideas of what house music can mean in the new decade.

Beyond the sparkling original releases and remixes, this young producer and songwriter collaborated with Jimmy Edgar, The XX, and Radiohead. While playing at top European venues and festivals, he steadily conquered each crowd with his undeniably potent songs and infectious demeanor. After acclaimed tracks such as “Another Girl’ and his EPs on LuckyMe and Nightslugs, he recently launched his own label Vase, thus establishing his vision of music.

On top of a rising career, in 2017 he releases his first full-lenght, “Feel Infinite“, a warm invitation, through dancefloor rhythms, synthesizers and R&B vocals, to live the club as a place to escape loneliness.