David August

DE / PIAS / Counter Records

Born in Hamburg in 1990, David August composes and performs multifaceted electronic music with hopeful tones and a human aesthetic. “Creating music – the act of creating in general – should be free from rationalization. Speaking with David, one immediately realizes the value that he places upon his well-earned artistic independence and steadfast sincerity. This hard-fought pursuit can be traced clearly through the producer’s recorded works; from a string of early dance singles and remixes (2010-2014), followed by his celebrated debut album, ‘Times’ (2013), to a handful of genre-defying outings on Ninja Tune sub-label; he’s continuing to uncloak hidden inner paths yet to be discovered, and his last album, ‘DCXXXIX A.C.’ (2018) , out via 99CHANT, proves that. Six months after, August delivered his third album, “D’Angelo”, which married his more experimental sound with the melancholic electronica of his earlier releases.