UK / Ninja Tune

Simon Green, aka Bonobo, is a veteran of the British electronic scene. The musician, producer, and dj has risen to fame in the downtempo scene of the late 1990s, debuting in 2000 with "Animal Magic".

The following years saw him release three more records for Ninja Tune, expanding his influences palette from jazz to afrobeat, while his live evolved to include a full band to reinterpret live the samples and synthetic elements which characterized his early production.

Nowadays, Green has a solid worldwide fanbase, grown exponentially after the international success of his fifth album, “The North Borders” (2013), which reached the top of the electronic music charts in the US and the UK. After a global tour that took him to thirty countries and four continents, Bonobo settled in Los Angeles. The personal experience of continuous travel led him to reflect on the theme of migration as humans’ core feature. Thus the theme of migration is at the center of the moving sixth album, “Migration“, released in early 2017 and featuring collaborations with Nick Murphy (Chet Faker), Rhye and Innov Gnawa.