IT / White Forest / Mille Plateaux

Bienoise is Alberto Ricca, teacher, co-founder of the radical improvisation label Floating Forest Records, and electronic musician whose productions are balanced between contemplation and clubbing, with a deep fetishism for instruments pushed to their limits and mash-up between musical genres. In 2015 Ricca released ‘Meanwhile, Tomorrow’, considered by many Italian music magazines one of the albums of the year, on White Forest Records. He also released on Concrete records (‘Small Hopes of Common People’ 2015), Bitcrusher (‘Sono una Teiera Tonda Tonda\Il mio beccuccio รจ a forma d’onda’, 2010) and Yerevan Tapes with his duo Merchants.
In January 2018 Bienoise released on Enklav the celebrated ‘Sharawadji III’, a free-form techno EP oscillating between analog and digital sounds.
His contemporary dance work, ‘TO BE BANNED FROM ROME’, co-written with the dancer and choreographer Annamaria Ajmone, debuted in 2017 for Torinodanza Festival.
He’s not a dj.