C2C Festival was born in the early 00s as Club To Club, in Turin.
With each annual edition, C2C Festival sets the musical agenda in Italy by presenting the cutting edge of Italian creativity alongside world class acts, and by shining a light on evolving transglobal scenes.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Festival, a new symbol for C2C was introduced: a winged figure representing the future state of the body. It embodies the urgency to place the human form centre stage, celebrating freedom, the need to come together, to dance, to listen, to enlighten and be enlightened.

C2C Festival continues to delight international audiences with its innovative new formats and its bold approach to recontextualizing music culture and artforms, by way of immersive performances in unique environments and extraordinary locations.

«With bookings as uncompromisingly radical as Club To Club’s, the futurists’ pioneering spirit lives on and continues to propel electronic music far from the museum-mausoleum vibe of retro-fest culture and into a bright, uncertain future.»

«At Club To Club Festival, Dance Music’s Growing Embrace of Futurism Reigns.»

«Club To Club is a titan of the European festival scene.»

«A theatre of extremities. The contrast is a joy.»