IT / live & dj set came around as an idea in 2008, as a blog in 2009, but only since the end of 2010 has boosted up its activities and consequentially its audience. PTW is acronym for PLAY TO WIN, a sort of encouragement to do anything at the best, as anyone is able to participate but not the most to stand out.


Lorenzo ‘Nada’ is an Italian dj/producer who, after a long residence in Berlin, has settled now in Bologna. In the past years he has produced many albums, ep, mixtapes with different bands and monikers until coming up with the name ‘Godblesscomputers’, a box fullfilled with sounds, words and pictures. After ‘The Last Swan’, ‘Swanism’, and EP ‘Lost in Downtown’, a remix collection of Beastie Boys tracks, ‘Freedom is O.K.’ (out on Equinox Records) is his last work, a production of organic and liquid sounds between hip hop, dub and elettronic beats.

Samsara Means War is the music project created in late winter of 2010 by Joaquim Giannotti (born in Genova in 1990) who already started producing rhythms in 2007, but only three years ago concretized himself into a complete project. His works are characterized by a concept of patterns that create emotional atmospheres within a club sense itself. His sets are centred mostly on UK bass new releases and he has curated a mix series called Contemporary Standards and his last digital release is dated Ocober 2013.


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