Pigro On Sofa
IT / dj set

Pigro On Sofa is the music selection moniker of Alberto Guerrini. Trouble maker, multitasker, art-director, editor, producer and hooligan. Old school technique, eclecticism, a mix of contemporary beats, suburban phenomena and nostalgia make his shows unpredictable and original. Considered by many a full-blooded dj, he’s appreciated by the nostalgic raver and the last generation clubber both. Collaborator of Carlo Pastore’s “Babylon” show on RAI Radio2, he curates the feature “Gabber Eleganza” and a blog with the same name, blending together music contemporary aesthetics and supported by international influencers like Vice magazine, Ninja Tune, Simon Reynolds and Beatport.

“One of the best motherfuckin dj that I’ve ever seen” Machinedrum


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