Ninos Du Brasil
IT / La Tempesta / live

Commited to a daring and unusual crossover between batucada and noise, samba and electronic music, Ninos Du Brasil are Nico Vascellari -one of the most important visual artists of his generation, as well as playing for With Love, Lago Morto and collaborating with heterogeneous artists such as Prurient, Stephen O’Malley, Ghedalia Tazartes, Z’EV and Aaron Dilloway-, Nicolò Fortuni (With Love, Ohuzaru, Man on Wire, Smart Cops) and Riccardo Mazza (A Flower Kollapsed, Lago Morto, Lettera 22). Their debut album “Muito N.D.B.” is dominated by voice, percussions and drums, its tracks are weapons made by percussions at hand (cuica, congas, bells, djembe, rolls, cymbals, claves, maracas, whistles, and animal calls), or made-up (bottles, cans, pieces of wood…) with the aim of involving the audience into a visceral approach to rhythm and existence.


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