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Modeselektor emerged out of the tangle of post-wall Berlin, monkey men with beats clenched between their teeth and ideas that would soon force music journalists to make up new words: bastard dancehall, euro crunk, acid rap, big bass techno, labstyle, happy metal, psychedelic electro. Like a jungle, their music is dense, textured and rich with sounds never experienced before, drawn from a production ethos of “create, distort, recycle.” Modeselektor’s appreciation for the absurd engenders an attitude of levity towards their music, refreshing in a world where “serious techno” has become a funny cliché. After years of intense touring all over Europe, in 2005 Modeselektor finally released their first full-length album Hello Mom! on their home label, BPitch Control. As if there was any question about this duo’s aptitude, in 2007 the album Happy Birthday! (BPitch Control) dropped and subsequently detonated with supreme force. In 2011 got back with their first album released on the equally named label, Monkeytown, LP that celebrated their collaborations with different artists, such as Thom Yorke.


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